CONCEPTION LIFE is valuable information to each one of us. Here we will discuss how the CREATOR’s math is different from ours, plus how creation occurs and is continuing to upgrade. A bunch of people do not believe in miracles yet we will discuss how MIRACLES occur constantly.

Our discussions will be how the CREATOR planned for us to handle creation plus many ways on how to implement and create a loving and caring family.
As time moves on in this life each person has super value! We will discuss ways to have these events bring treasures of highest emotional benefit to you! This will never stop as true learning is always an item that can be of high esteem to all of us.

Some of us are unable to create conception. There are multiple options to each of these people and that too will be addressed. We will discuss DNA and how DNA can be changed in real life. The author is super familiar with this action and it will be discussed!

In life we have grandparents (the author has seen six generations), parents and grandparents. All of these events can occur to all people. That is why this program is used for Want to Be Parents, Parents and Grand Parents!