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Know the state and county guidelines – keep them printed. Review them frequently.

Communicate well with child and foster care facility.

Keep collecting data regarding your foster child.

This includes teachers, neighbors, family and friends on the foster child’s behavior.

Set new goals in writing with your children and evaluate with them on a regular basis.

Spend time with the child 1 on 1 daily!

When the child leaves your home permanently set up a procedure to stay in touch. Check with your foster care authorities

This is about the CHILD not YOU!

Your position should be to become a prized position of the CHILD!

Learn to discipline well –This is not to be done with physical harm. IT can be done with physical pleasures. Food, watching TV, time together, plus try not to use money.

Keep good written records of behavioral standards expected – even have each participant sign it. Then review when appropriate.

These children need special different encouragement than the average. Regardless of past situations that is over. Today is the present and if you do correct parenting today, the future can be full of blessings for you and the child.

In the future we will discuss stories of foster families and financial aspects of FOSTER PARENTING!