SENIORIZING is constantly occurring within our life. This will occur until we move on into ETERNITY! Each day of our life we will continue to learn new valuable information. This keeps it interesting, advantageous, educational with value each of us can use to improve our own life here as an alien.

As we near the end of 2014 we will continue to update SENIORIZING.INFO for you to use. These updates will be valuable for all ages as we each continue to age. Personal Biographies are always being updated. You alone can constantly invest on improving your situation. As we move on you can evaluate and determine how to proceed with your life to bring best value to you and members of your family those who you feel closest too!

One of the values of living in the land of milk and honey is new technology. Transportation, food, technology, medical services plus other creations are constantly being improved within our society. This brings value to each of us. We should recognize this truth plus give thanks to our CREATOR for the opportunity to enjoy the benefits.

Free Enterprise has given each of us these values that can be hard to measure. Sometimes we get mixed up! Most of us are standard at worshiping money ($$$$$$$). When we begin doing that we really get warped. Stay with us and we will discuss this many times in the near future.