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QUOTES – are fun to use and can strengthen you ability to PARENT in a wonderful style. They can change your children into a positive way of using their time in a super positive way. Consider each one of these for use in your memory and use in a positive PARENTAL way!

HENRY FORD in 1916 “I am looking for a lot of men with an infinite capacity to forget what they do not know”

HELEN KELLER, “I am only one, but still I am one, I cannot do everything, but still I can do something, and because I cannot do everything I will not refuse to do something I can do”.

JIM ELLIOT, He is no fool who gives up something he cannot keep to gain what he cannot loose”.


“Lack of planning on your part should not make an emergency on me.”

“Lost time is never found again”.

“In order to help other people, first your must help yourself”.

“Live by the word of GOD, not what man expects”.

“Well done is better than well said”.

“When you are finished changing, you are finished”.

“You receive by giving”.

As a parent you should lead from AHEAD not behind. PARENTS need excellent communication with children – followed by perfect actions by the PARENT!
If you can use these print them and post inside your home – maybe on the refrigerator. Even change some for your approval that your family can use!


If your sleep on it MAKE IT UP!
If you wear it HANG IT UP!
If your drop it PICK IT UP!
If your eat out of it WASH IT!
If you spill it WIPE IT UP!
If you turn it on TURN IT OFF!
If you open it CLOSE IT!
If you move it PUT IT BACK!
If you break it REPAIR IT!
If you empty it FILL IT UP!
If it rings ANSWER IT!
If it howls FEED IT!
If it cries LOVE IT!

Mom and Dad are the leaders of this family. They lead from “ahead” – not from “behind”. Each will do their best to live and demonstrate WWJD. (WHAT WOULD JESUS DO!). They will lead children to dress, speak, think, and do physical actions the way it is taught in the BIBLE!

Youth and visitors should do their BEST to follow the RULES OF THIS HOME!

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This will serve well for PARENTS, GRAND PARENTS and WANT TO BE PARENTS and all the youngsters. It may take some time for the youth to learn this yet when they do it will be a super powerful asset to each person who learns! The more you read the more you will agree with the TRUTH of FRIENDS SHARPEN FRIENDS. You will observe that it is a truth written several centuries ago.

In this life it may take some time to learn that you become like your friends. Simply take a good look at the choice of friends you have made. We will review a couple of different results that occur on a regular basis of friendship making and the results that occur. We will start with the positive, then go another way. You can decide for yourself with your standards what will work best for you and YOURS.
What occurs when we make good friend selection? Let us imagine we choose friends that have several characteristics like this:

They speak well of others.

Each presents there self in a polite position.

They are helpful, gentle, serving with good intentions.

They continue to learn – their education is never over.

Each has a good relationship with their parents.

As a parent your children are watching you with your friend selection. They know more about your friends than you think they do. Here is a good idea for you and your child to have. Ask your child if she/he has some private time to visit one on one. When the time is correct have a special private discussion with her/him. Begin with asking them what they think of a good friend of yours. Then move this to a second friend or possibly a third. Then obtain permission to have them describe a friend or two of theirs.

This practice will give each of you good information relating to each other. This will assist you as a PARENT to learn what is important to your child. You may also agree what each can work on in the near future.

PROVERBS 27:17 says “As iron sharpens iron so one person sharpens another”. Mental sharpness comes from being around good people. A meeting of the minds can assist people to have new clarity, refine ideas and to shape them into new brilliant insights. This may require you to challenge each other for more advantageous advancement.

As a PARENT working/serving with your child should be your highest priority. When done correctly it will return the highest and finest blessing to YOU and YOURS! You are able to suggest to your child this. EACH of us become like the friend selections that we hang with. This is a powerful asset each of us possess all by yourself. Our future development depends on our own individual choices.



Our society places a high goal on education! This is a super subject for each parent and child. In family discussions the subject of education is discussed multiple times in any month. Our livelihood is dependent upon our education, courage and discipline. This is the free enterprise system we have. With our education we can sell our services to others. We are the seller then with the buyer on the other side.
The system serves in many different ways. You know about retailers, wholesalers, service industries, manufactures, plus others. Even self-employed people that do super well with income. If they are each highly educated that does not fit the System Parental Best Parenting! Please put that in your mind to stay!
EDUCATION is dependent upon each individual to acquire. Parents many times get confused with this for their children. Each PARENT needs to remember each child in different from anybody else. (PERIOD) Each has their own abilities, skills to be developed, plus emotions to be fulfilled. The really good parents know these truths. Each child in different than any other person.
In using verbal communication, visual observations, plus constant pleasant eye to eye contact with good facial expression parents can accomplish much. When this is completed the PARENTS begin to know what is inside their child. This gives good education and information to both CHILD and PARENTS. This one is for the GRAND PARENTS. You are not excused! As a super valuable family member you enjoy a favorite able portion of your grand child's development.

This is the time for all parents of any generation to spend valuable time with their family in a positive way. That is easy if you properly use time, communications and personal talents that you already possess. One exception to be noted. If you have trouble using the phone, skyping, using the internet or anything else with technology simply ask one of your young teenage grand children. Sometimes they get tired of having older people telling them what to do! Now is your opportunity to turn that around and have them teach YOU! Can you really let them have something they feel really good about?

Take a good look at the coming visits!









Holdies (Grandparents know this)




POSITIVE gets to go first! We will describe traits of the POSITIVE PERSON then describe the NEGATIVE. Yes, there are some direct personal traits on each character. You get to choose your own and decide on what you desire to be. All people view you, listen to you, plus will be impacted by your actions. This is super important to you, your family, friends, coworkers and even strangers. You, yourself has the opportunity to positively enhance your behavior to have a positive impact on people.

POSITIVE people have certain traits to their behavior and personality. In life here they normally make an effort to gain positive personality traits that others will benefit from. Is that YOU? Each of us has that power to do! Here are some skills POSITIVE PEOPLE try to improve on Daily.

TECHNOLOGY keeps improving and these people keep learning on how to use it to improve their self. Then they encourage others (children) to use it to improve their lives. When really needed they learn how to prevent their children to using the Internet in a negative way. This means they gain control what is interred into their home!

FIANCE is a powerful tool. The POSITIVE PERSON knows about money. Tools “use them or lose them” also “sharpen the tool” are familiar . Fools worship money. They invest all their time, efforts, education and thoughts upon dollar value. Watch the hearse to see if there is a U HAUL truck behind it hauling the money to the grave with the deceased! Good PARENTS stay within planned budgets! Are you good at that?

FUTURE is taught by POSITIVE PARENTS to Plan, Educate, their children so their skill level is increased. This is so the childs life receives multiple benefits. Is that you? As a PARENT can you get good at assisting family members!

NEGATIVE people really do the opposite with their actions proving this. There are several items that these people have in common. They have a tendency to say they are Christian yet improvement has a huge side of possibility to improve upon.

This is your life given to you by the CREATOR. YOU have super powerful decisions on the life you are to live. Do you have the courage and self-discipline to LEAD AHEAD correctly for your children? As a parent you should be leading from AHEAD not BEHIND. This is your task as a parent for the rest of your life. How you lead as a PARENT will stay with your young ones even after you have gone into ETERNITY. Parents should remember each is the most powerful person in the life of their children.


Few choices you have to make are as valuable as your choices relating to your family. That is how powerful your actions are! Just try to remember how you’re growing up in the first two decades of your life. Did your mom and dad have a very powerful positive impact on you? Maybe try this. You and your spouse sit down and visit each other regarding this subject.

Visit both the positive and the negative. This will assist both of you to understand each other better in a more positive way – even when you visit subjects you may not desire too. Good healthy communication can always become a real asset. With the information you obtain make every effort to use it in a gentle positive constructive manner. This is an objective that will never change with communications.

In our early years we begin to realize both the structure of family with its importance! Now in family you have a spouse and a child. PARENTS are the leaders of the FAMILY! That includes you! What really needs to occur? Both mom and dad need to gather to make wonderful family plans. Maybe even right them down! In today’s society this is easy. You are reading this on the internet. Simply make your own FAMILY JOURNAL on the computer. Just date it. Then in the future review it when time is correct. If it needs changes date it again and update the plan with changes you now agree to make.

Now with children we frequently visit AGE APPROPRIATENESS. You already recognize life changes with timing, technology, tools, finances, education plus many more subjects. Get use to it. Adjust to it.

That is why your FAMILY JOURNAL needs to be updated on
a needed basis – which should be at your desire.


OPPOSITES ATTRACT! Yes, they do. We were made opposites when the CREATOR made us male and female. In simple form we are opposite each other. A FEMALE and a MALE. Each of us is made different, has different feelings, thinks different, and is stimulated with different emotions.

The good book says in Genesis 2:24 “For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh”. When that occurs GOD’s math says they are no longer two but one. Then the one becomes THREE with a child. When the two becomes one we have a marriage!

Now with the child we have a miracle! The sperm has fertilized the egg and we have conception. About nine months later we have the child. So we are really about 9 months older than our birth years! How about that for truth?

JESUS thousands of years later says the same thing in Mark 10:7-9. It is pretty incredible that thousands of years later HE says the same thing Moses said and adds verse 9. Each of us has our own thinker (BRAIN) so we need to get our “thinker thinking”! You will profit when you get that done and know the real TRUTH!

Now with the result of becoming “ONE FLESH” each of us take on other possibilities that all of us can profit from. In this life you have the option of continually improving yourself, your spouse, and your children. With your physical, verbal, and even emotions actions you possess powerful influence within your total family. Even others like your neighbors, friends and coworkers. Each of us should stay aware of that and react accordingly. Even after each of us leave life on this earth our family will be affected by the service, love, companionship and benefits we shared with them.

As parents we should also prepare our children for
MARRIAGE in the future. Here is a possible simple idea you may use. In Parenting we need to remember the term “AGE APPROPRIATE”. That used correctly means you as a parent should recognize the correct time to visit certain subjects with each of your children. Some times this may arrive a short time before the child is really ready for a discussion. The action we will discuss now will probably occur well into the second decade of your child’s life. You as the parent get to decide the correct time. This will be best served with a private discussion between parents and child.

The question to the child is “can we visit the subject of MARRIAGE?” As a parent simply LISTEN WELL! Then suggest this. On the computer write a letter to yourself. Address what you yourself will desire about that person. Can you describe the education, personal characteristics, and other traits you desire within that person? Put the date on it. Visit it from time to time. If needed put a new date on it and with your new thoughts. Once you start becoming interested in a potential person then go and revisit your letter. If the person meets 80% of the possibilities you wrote about then it maybe a possibility to continue.

MARRIAGE is to be entered into a PERMANENT CONDITION. When we endeavor to do exactly that and keep working on it then super benefits and assets start to arrive. So get good with your spouse and make every effort to improve YOUR MARRIAGE and be a WONDERFUL parent to your children!

Do you know the END GOAL FOR YOUR MARRIAGE? Can you discuss this with your spouse? Also, write your END GOALS down so each of you know what you agree too! Visit the subject from time to time. You may need to adjust them to stay current!

What are THE END GOALS? In every action we do their is an ultimate goal that each of us parents are trying to accomplish. Sometimes we hit the mark and sometimes we need to improve our END GOAL DESIRES. YOU as the parent have the pleasure and responsibility to set END GOALS, then GO FOR THEM! If you are a responsible parent you will realize when you reach them or the need is to change parenting techniques to improve upon parenting!

This is powerful for you and your children. Continually verbally visit the subject of END GOALS. This will do super well even when your child is just learning to talk. It will also do well when discussing with your spouse. This is a huge subject and we will begin with a parent to a super young child.

Encouragement is a powerful tool to use. So simply try these tactics and adjust them to win with your youngster. In feeding your child make a simple statement like this. “When we are done eating I will give you some special holding time”. Or maybe “when we are done eating we will enjoy playing with each other”. When you do this you are beginning with the END GOAL!

As a child develops use your thinker to the best of its ability to improve implementation and usage. This system serves super well in all of our life. Are you ready to go further? If so continue. When we teach our children this tool to use in their life super benefits will arrive unknowing to you and them today.

With your child here is a powerful energizer! It is called recognition. It may be as simple as eyeball to eyeball. Or it can be even a smile close by or at distance. A smile is a curve that sets everything straight. With your spouse it may even be a short note to express your feelings of gratitude for her/him! Can you remember what you wrote your spouse before marriage? Now is the time to go back to that tradition! You may be surprised with the results!

Back to your child. You can always start with THE END GOALS in mind. This is not hard. Also remind yourself when the goal is achieved. Give some praise to the child. That is the most valuable reward! Children are attached to their parents and listen mostly to them. You should not be replaced by the TV, Radio, or any other electronic device popular today or tomorrow.

With each task get good at setting the ultimate goal for the child. Then when the goal is obtained give back encouragement. So not concern yourself or the child when the goal is not obtained. Find something good to compliment about and move on. When moving on maybe reset the goal. As the adult you should be well aware on how to reset goals. Our life here gives us plenty of experience at resetting a new goal of opportunity and how to obtain it! Life continually gives us pleasures of opportunity.

In the near future we will visit some of these subjects:

Stay tuned for the best of the best! Life will be changing if you have discipline and can exercise courage. Blessings do arrive when we do actions the CREATORS WAY!


As the parent our MAKER set you up to be like HIM! Refer to Genesis 1:28. That really informs you that YOU are made in GOD’S image. When HE made you to be like HIM that really means you should live like HE. As HE created YOU! Now we will visit the kind of foundation each of us should build on as parents.

This is what Paul wrote in Corinthians 3:10 & 11 “By the grace GOD has given me, I laid a perfect foundation as an excellent builder, and someone else is building on it. But each one should be careful how he builds. For no one can lay any foundation other than the one already laid, which is JESUS CHRIST”. Luke 6; 46-49 will convince you of the correct parenting action.

Are you serious as a parent? If so then take some time to reread that and maybe even visit that truth with other parents. We will now discuss some of its content. We would love to hear some of your thoughts so email us back or give us a call. You are a valued person!

THE PERFECT FOUNDATION. Is there any better one other than that the one set by Paul? In PARENTING the very first item we should consider is this. WE START WITH THE END GOALS IN MIND. Now each of us should begin with that. Yesterday is over – we cannot change it – you can try but you will not succeed. Today is the PRESENT. We can use it to make the tomorrow better, the FUTURE.

In the coming weeks we will discuss on how you individually can have a powerful parenting impact on you and your child! There can be blessings coming that you are unaware of today. You will be super pleased when they arrive and you recognize the benefits of each arrival.

Next week we will discuss the END GOALS!

Holdies (Grandparents know this) NOVEMBER 3, 2014

July 14, 2014


WISDOM in parenting on multiple occasions depends upon the wisdom of the parent at the correct time to visit certain subjects. There is a real decision to be made by the parents with this opportunity. It really goes on for the rest of our life until we cease being an alien here on this earth.

The real challenge arrives for the parent to make a good decision on when to address certain topics to visit. As the child ages this is constantly an issue in our life as a parent. AGE APPROPRIATENESS should be considered on most occasions. This is especially true in the first couple of decades with a child. If your child is super young then holding, visual eye contact, and reaffirming vocal assurance is precious to both the child and the parent.

Parents are our primary teachers to children. YES, they are! Before kindergarten how we learn to talk, know names, learn certain home chores about living, plus many other important items about life. Parents are created in GOD’S image (Chapter 1 verse 28). We should be imitating HIS action as HE let us create a MIRACLE which is your child!

As time moves on the child is home, public, or private schooled. Yet the parent has many important choices to make each day of life. Everyone is aware of highway guard rails. A common idea is that PARENTS are GUARD RAILS FOR CHILDREN. This is primary for a good parent to remember! Traveling a highway you are aware of guard rails for autos to prevent bad accidents from dangerous terrain. Same holds true for parents to set guard rails for children they love, desire to teach, and provide a safe family environment. You can do that!

As we get older. Simply look at technology changes within the last few years. Change is a real challenge to our youth – even to each one of us as PARENTS or GRAND PARENTS! Next week we will visit about your CHILD'S FOUNDATION. After that we will begin a short series on THE END GOALS!

JULY 7, 2014


As a parent the choice is up to YOU! Yesterday is over. You cannot go back and change any events that occurred. Today is the present. It is a present just to be here and you get to make decisions with actions to make the future better. WISDOM is a super power you can have today. YOU have the opportunity to learn from the past to make the future powerfully well.
Following are a few examples of powerful opportunities. Parents can enhance their families to become tremendously successful. This applies to each individual within the family. When implemented correctly powerful blessings will arrive that you cannot even conceive of today. Your children in the near future will enhance their personality with interesting integrity! So let us get started.

Learn to lead well as a PARENT. Try not to lead from behind! With good prior communication that alone may be your best advice. LEAD AHEAD not behind.

COMMUNICATION – Get good at private conversation with your child. You ask questions – the child gets to talk. This will give you what is occurring within the child’s mind. That information will give you good information to handle the future.

AGE APPROPRIATENESS – Is dependent upon you. Your topic should always be attentive to the age of your child. This condition is dependent upon your decision when to visit certain subjects. Some the child may be ready for – some not – your decision.

REGULARITY – This is super important on a steady basis. Your child desires private steady dependable time with YOU. As an infant it may be holding time with small pleasant talk. As that progress’s other play activities can be started with your compliance. Make it fun. Remember a SMILE is a CURVE that makes everything STRAIGHT.

VERBIAGE – Use certain short statements on a regular basis. These will create certain feelings within your child. These could be like BIBLICAL sayings.

“The sluggard does not plow in season so at harvest he looks and finds nothing.” This is your life. You get to decide what to do with it.

“Do unto others as you would have them do onto YOU!” Golden rule.

“The borrower is servant to the lender.” Do you desire to be a servant?

This is a FREE site with continuing short idea’s to be regularly put on the Internet. You can share PARENTINGGRAND.COM with any parents that may be desiring this good information. It is for


THE END GOALS July 28, 2014
THE END GOALS – FAMILY August 11, 2014
JUNE 30, 2014


PARENTAL PROFITS begin with their CHILDREN! Now let us begin with a discussion of “PROFIT”. What is profit?
In society today PROFIT is normally defined in Dollars.

THAT IS NOT CORRECT! In the correct sense of truth PROFIT is really an increase in value. When you as a PARENT learn to lead well from ahead (not behind) you will receive multiple blessings. As a parent blessings will arrive that your children will demonstrate with action in their life. The increase in value always arrives when your child learns more about several items we list here:

TRUTH OF CREATION – Who really started and created each of us.

CONCEPTION – The sperm and the egg – where we lived first nine months before birth. We really are nine months older than years of our birth!

PARENTS – Are more important than any public teacher! That does not leave Grand Parents out. You are parents until you leave for Eternity!

EDUCATION – Is a super value to each individual. As parents we receive special blessings when we learn what our child enjoys to learn more about and give correct opportunities to enhance the child’s learning options.

COMMUNICATION – When parents learn how to ask correct, polite questions to let the child talk. Then the parents need to LISTEN! This will give Parents powerful options to parent correctly in the near future.

TIME – With the child. Children desire time with parents. This will always continue regardless of the child’s age. From newborn, forever!

Consider each of the above as a valued PARENT! Next week we will visit MIRACLES that parents have created! Science has proven this in truth with data to support all of it. The atheists cannot prove it otherwise. If they were really intelligent they will begin to change their thinking that they are responsible for. Let us visit on July 4th, 2014
June 23, 2014


As responsible parents certain excellent responsibilities arrive in adulthood. The ultimate opportunity is for both parents to arrive together SPIRITUALLY, emotionally, intellectually, and decidedly in nurturing each of their children.

This is a challenge to the parents to make decisions that will profit their total family unit. Special times should be set aside for each parent to discuss with their mate plans to be followed in the future. Yes, you can agree with each other to counsel with other talented professionals to gain information that may be used in good parenting techniques. It is profitable for parents to remember that EDUCATION, plus INFORMATION, then comes DECISION.


It is already done. Get out the good BOOK and refer to 1 Corinthians 10 & 11. Paul simply says “By the grace GOD has given me, I laid a foundation as an excellent builder, and someone else is building on it. But each one should be careful how he builds. For no one can lay any foundation other than the one already laid which is JESUS CHRIST”. Here are some important questions for each parent to consider.

Are you building on that foundation?
Discuss the results you see.
Can you improve on building the foundation with your children?
Redefine the goals for the near future!

You can always look back to see if your prior actions were profitable. If not you need to acquire the skill to change actions in the future so the results may be finer, more acceptable and return better results for the participants. Yesterday is over, today is the Present, tomorrow is the Future. We need to use that information so tomorrow is always better that today!
AGE APPROPRIATENESS is always a consideration for parents to evaluate when parenting a younger generation. As each of us ages we become more cognizant of current intelligence, standards, opportunities and choices. It is when we make good intelligent physical actions we can profit WISELY!
Parents are the recipients of blessings that children return to their parents.



As a parent you were created in HIS image. Says so in Genesis 1:26. If we are made in HIS image should we not try to do life in HIS way?

A portion of proof is HE is the CREATOR and yet HE gives us a way to create an miracle. The miracle is a child. The author has three adopted children. All know they are adopted but you cannot convince them that mom is not mom and dad is not dad. Each also knows about GOD the FATHER.

The finest description is found in 1 Corinthians 3:10 & 11. “By the grace GOD has given me I laid a foundation as an expert builder and someone else is building on it. But each on should be careful how he builds. For no one can lay any foundation other than the one already laid, which is JESUS CHRIST.

Here is the real discussion on the foundation you should be using with your children. The real way the CREATOR set up our life to begin with is that the child depends on the parent to act like GOD. The parent cleans, feeds, cloths and protects the child from day one. Then as the years pass the child in taught about GOD and the child learns to depend on the real FOUNDATION which is JESUS CHRIST.

We have visited the verbiage AGE APPROPRIATE. With these two words the parent needs to use WISDOM knowing when to increase parenting skills for the benefit of the child. This condition will continue all the days of every parent’s life. As children age then so does the parenting skills used.

The finest in life accomplishments arrive when we continue to build on the FOUNDATION THAT JESUS CHRIST set for each of us to enhance. Now a simple suggestion for each of us. Memorize I Corinthians 3:10&11. When we do that individually we can always constantly evaluate ourselves!

What kind of FOUNDATION do you really desire your family to have? Our CREATOR put you as the parent in charge of that function. Along this opportunity is the path we will follow in the coming weeks? Are you really ready for that?

All parents and Grand Parents are invited to this site. It is free as we are selling NOTHING!
June 9, 2014

You, Children & INTEGRITY

INTEGRITY is a BIG word! Your personal INTEGRITY is demonstrated by YOU each and every day. It really speaks loudly to others about YOU! It has a lot to do with what you physically do and with what you say in words. Do those two items match each other or are opposites with what you say and then what you do? We will now take a look at some conditions that exist maybe with you and definitely within our society today. So here goes some questions for each of us to consider.

Do each of us assist in chores inside the home to each of our ability?

Do parents dress to the standards they desire children too?

Do all family members speak kindly, gently, pleasantly, on a super regular basis?

Is each member of the family learning to the finest of their ability?

Is each of us making the effort to encourage others to learn more?

Can we invest time on a regular basis to assist other family members?

This is kind of a difficult subject to teach to our children. The way you live teaches your children all about your own personal INTEGRITY!

Read well the following discussion. You will understand how best to teach your children to have wonderful INTEGRITY that will be a huge asset to them each day of their life. When excellent INTEGRITY is lived in a positive way that individual (your child?) will benefit all the days of their life.

Here are some positive PARENTING factors in demonstrating wonderful assets to the individual use of positive PARENTING.

DRESS STANDARDS – Do not say one thing and then demonstrate the opposite. If you teach your midsection is not to be showing – then do not do it yourself!

SPEECH – Set the standard continuously so that your children never hear you making exceptions to what you teach them.

CHORES – In the home teach them well. That does mean no chores are exempt from YOU doing them!

FINANCIAL – Do you adhere to all you teach amount money?

FRIEND SELECTION – Can you have a good conversation on how we normally turn out like our friends?

OBSERVE – Your child daily. Is she/he progressing in a good manner? Remember you as a parent should keep all your parenting skills at an age appropriate level for your child. By AGE APPROPRIATE one important fact is to remember your children will always be changing – FOREVER! That does mean you should continually evaluate your parenting skills and keep changing them as time moves on! C O N T I N U O U S L Y !

None of us are perfect so do not be afraid to do this! Ask your child how she/he would evaluate you! Put your PARENTING SKILLS on “listening mode” and listen. Then you will receive valuable information that you can adjust too! YES, you can honor with listening plus learning from your children. All good parents like you can do that!

You are the PARENT or GRAND PARENT. Next week we will visit how each of us can set up the PERFECT FOUNDATION for each of us to use and ALL OTHERS within our family’s.
June 2, 2014


Now do not get confused. We discussed Generation One (Grand Parents), then went to Generation Two (Parents), and now we will discuss Generation Three (Grand Children). Those are the precious Grand Children of Generation One, and the children of Generation Two.
Your family will keep moving on. That is a portion of the past, present and the future. You cannot stop the progression. What you can do is this. Keep growing in WISDOM. Truly learn from what is happening now including the past. You and Yours cannot change anything that has occurred in the past or even near past. It is over. What you can do from what has occurred is learn from it, use it to make good decisions today so your family can enjoy a super positive future. That is the power of the present.
So let us move on to PARENTING our younger children. Parents were made in the image of the CREATOR (visit Chapter 1:26). With younger children a parent should continually stay tuned with AGE APPROPRIATENESS. Your little children require huge amounts of needs when young. Food, clothing, holding, comfort, verbalization and much more are the needs of a little child. As time moves on parenting techniques keep changing that good parents recognize. Enter here AGE APPROPRIATENESS. This is a life time requirement to be engaged for decades to come.

Parents need to realize that GOD should be verbally talked about. The child at a young age should be taught about the true CREATOR and how to really please HIM. This is not hard to do. Be gentle, consistent, pleasant all with a pleasing personality. The most powerful action your can take is to remember the TRUTH of this. Your ACTIONS speak louder than words. Your children are learning from you. Your language, your attitude, your home chore habits, your friend selection, your personal education goals, plus how you treat other people. Your children are learning from you!

You are the most powerful influence your child will have in their life. You really are the ENERGY that will have a super powerful impact on your children for the rest of their life. Are you really ready for that and accept the responsibility of being that ENERGY? All of us have made mistakes. It is really good if we can really recognize them, make correct changes and move on with a positive influence towards the future.

Search out the correct actions for the present. You are the PARENT and should get good at AGE APPROPRIATENESS for your child. This changes super frequently and it really is a test of your PARENTING SKILL LEVEL!

Next we will visit about INTEGRITY. Your integrity and how to build it within your children. When you do this you will have a treasure of super value that will last for a super long time – even after your stop being an alien here on earth!

Best to you and YOURS!
May 26, 2014


Last week we discussed SENIORIZING. We will refer that as Generation 1 with PARENTING as Generation 2. This will then relate the grand children as Generation 3. Do try to keep that in mind as we move on to Parenting in this discussion.

The plural pronouns used in Genesis 1:26 are interesting. Us and our is powerfully important. “Let us make man in our image”. Who is US and OUR? The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit! The Creator made us like HIM. HE is the CREATOR and what occurs now? HE lets us create children! So PARENTS are made like HIM! Can we now move on a little further with truth?

With Parents made in HIS image we should do actions HIS way. Our children begin to think of us as the highest authority. We clean them, feed them, cloth them plus provide protection! It is not until years later they learn that there is a higher authority than the parents. That is when the parents are good at teaching their youngsters the truth about CREATION.

Parenting never ever stops. Not even when you transition as an alien here and move into ETERNITY with JESUS! Parents know this. Does that teach you to place a high value on your parenting today and the future?

As a parent you are the finest most valuable asset your child can possess! As valuable parents this condition never ever will change. You can and will have a powerful impact on generations yet to arrive. We should remember we are all MANAGERS not owners.

Your children are the most prized possession to be had by anyone. That is more valuable $$$$ than this world can put a price on.

You are the PARENT managing your LEGACY for GENERATIONS TO COME!

Next week we will visit GENERATION 3. Your children for Generation 2, and Grand Children for Generation 1.
May 19, 2014


SENIORIZING is not a word in the dictionary yet it occurs to all of us. Having completed seven decades here I am approaching the middle of the eighth.

PARENTAL LEADERSHIP COMES FROM AHEAD not behind. Remember that. Most parents today lead from behind which is a bad place to be. It means the parent is normally responding to what has happened. That by happenstance is normally a negative event. The parent must ask questions on what did occur, then respond which is regularly a negative towards the future.
When a parent leads from AHEAD the discussion has already occurred in a positive way which gives the youth excellent thinking ability when the occasion occurs! This is why family meetings on a regular basis are good events to have when raising children.

Subjects should always be recognized and kept positive. The real hard challenging to the Christian Parent is to keep the discussion in an age related basis. Older infants are not able to understand the discussion you may have with older brothers and sisters. Got it? With pre-teens they may not understand real teen talk. This situation will be continual all your life. Just keep the discussion profitable to all you are communicating with. As the parent you always should be conscious of “age appropriateness”.

Then when a discussion able concern arrives you are able to visit with a good discussion that all can profit by. Many times it is good to have a pleasant communication time with your children to build family unity!

SENIORIZING - if we are fortunate occurs to each one of us. It is in continual change which we need to be aware of on a constant basis. We can use it WISLEY so our family members profit from our actions! Next week we will visit PARENTING SUPREME!
FOR Grandparents, Parents and youngsters! We will visit why this is important today as a terrific tool to use for all generations! You can share this with your parents and children!
This information is free to all who desire to PROMOTE CHRISTIANITY in society today. In the near future you will receive GREAT information on how to construct a TERRIFIC local MISSION program that will return BLESSINGS that you cannot conceive of today!

Our information will assist parents and grand parents to use PARENTING TECHNIQUES most of society neglects today. When you implement these parenting tools huge benefits with blessings will arrive to your family.

Do not get confused with the word MISSIONARY. Your child is a treasure to you, your family, friends and your neighborhood. Our mission is to assist you to give each of your children the finest of PARENTING SKILLS that will return the ULTIMATE of blessings!

Missionary Builders started formally at Conifer Community Church in 1989. MissionaryBuildersCCC is for building missionaries at Conifer Community Church. SUGGESTION: if your church desires to build missionaries with the desire to use a web site simply obtain a domain name like ours and use letters like CCC that identifies your church. It is that simple to set up. Do not do anything that JESUS CHRIST would not do! GOT IT?

This is a simple easy endeavor. It will be fun, rewarding, asset building, plus returning multiple blessings to YOU! Refer to Acts 20:35. Shortly we will discuss music, finance, transportation, committees, with many other subjects that will enhance your group of CHRISTIANS!

In the near future we will discuss and present to you many mechanics on how to encourage a super powerful Missionary Program within your church. Blessings will arrive that you cannot even imagine today. That is how our CREATIVE FATHER delivers to HIS CREATIVE FAMILY. You are invited to participate with us in this wonderful venture!

We will soon discuss many subjects that should be used to bring value to both givers and receivers! Each of these subjects are discussed in the BIBLE and should be used exactly as directed within the BIBLE. Some of these topics will include:
Finance -- Transportation -- Communications
Music -- Reports -- Outreach
VBS -- Lodging -- Devotions
Committees -- Fund Raising -- Picture Parties

Also in the near future we will post written reports of young people who are writing about a mission trip they just completed. Following that will come events that they are doing today as fully pledged Christian Parents today.