April 17, 2013
Quotes and sayings
Even on the right road you will get run over if you just sit there! Do not die at 25 and wait until you are 85 to be buried!
Many people do this They think their formal education is over. Self education never stops during this lifetime!

The mind is like a parachute - it does not work unless it is opened! Can you open your mind? Is that where your soul is?

Even on the right road you will get run over if you just sit there! Your education will never stop until you move on to eternity!

VALUE - Your true value is determined by how many people you serve and how well you serve them! Visit Acts 20:35b

ORNAMENTS of a house are the friends who frequent it! Do your friends speak nice, dress appropriately, are good at the self educated level (does not have to be formal education) and do they treat others well?

INFLUENCE - Your influence is determined by how abundantly you place others interest first! The Golden rule says this one better!

BEING DEFEATED is a temporary condition - giving up makes it permanent. Even in disappointments our learning can be increased for the present and the future!

It is not good enough to do our best - Sometimes we have to do what is required! Is this nearly the same as "give unto Caesar"? Matthew 22:21

Happiness is not a destination - it is a way of life! It is a present to be in the present.

A word of encouragement during a failure is worth much more than praise after a success!

HENRY FORD said it the best. "I am looking for a lot of men with the infinite capacity to forget what they do not know".
Simply think about this one. Can you begin to know truth today and forget what you did not know?

Then Blind and Deaf HELEN KELLER said, "I am only one, but still I am one, I cannot do everything, but still I can do something, and because I cannot do everything I will not refuse to do something I can do".