Rules for this Home!!!

If your sleep on it MAKE IT UP!
If you wear it HANG IT UP!
If your drop it PICK IT UP!
If your eat out of it WASH IT!
If you spill it WIPE IT UP!
If you turn it on TURN IT OFF!
If you open it CLOSE IT!
If you move it PUT IT BACK!
If you break it REPAIR IT!
If you empty it FILL IT UP!
If it rings ANSWER IT!
If it howls FEED IT!
If it cries LOVE IT!

Mom and Dad are the leaders of this family. They lead from “ahead” – not from “behind”. Each will do their best to live and demonstrate WWJD. (WHAT WOULD JESUS DO!). They will lead children to dress, speak, think, and do physical actions the way it is taught in the BIBLE!

Youth and visitors should do their BEST to follow the RULES OF THIS HOME!